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The Purchase Process

HH Catamarans are sold through an Agent. There are only a few of us. Each have been chosen by HH Catamarans for their unique abilities or connection to the high-end catamaran world.

The boats currently take anywhere from a year to almost two years to build. Unlike a “dealership” where you might find a boat in inventory, each HH Catamaran is a custom or semi-custom boat.  The purchase process is very interactive and a great experience.

  • Discover. This may be word of mouth, a boat show, a video on the web, a suggestion, or seeing one on the water.
  • Learn. Typically this is an intense research stage. You’ll scour the web, read articles, study the boat in many ways.
  • Discuss. In addition to a knowledge download on any aspect you care to absorb there are scores of videos, images, PDFs, testimonials, real world examples, practical comparisons, sketches, models, and much more.
  • Specify. We virtually build the boat together on paper and with images. There is an interactive spreadsheet to figure out the costs of any particular option or route you wish to take. If there is a custom item it is carefully though out and presented.
  • Order. The boat is bought over time and milestones. Its your boat while we build it.
  • Factory visits. Its typical to visit the factory to see the boat under construction. Come once, come for the sea trial, come as much as you want.
  • Delivery. We arrange for shipment virtually anywhere the shipping companies can access. You could also chose to take delivery in Taiwan.
  • Commissioning. We send a specialized team to receive and commission the boat. This can be a great learning experience for you.
  • Training. Hope you make good sandwiches because we’re with you for at least a week, maybe two, to bring you up to intermediate level with your new boat.
  • Continued support. You’ll hear the word “team” often. In the case with HH Catamarans you’ll soon learn, during all of the processes above, that there actually indeed is a team. Agent, designer and engineers, factory liaisons, executive, commissioning crew, and trainers, warranty support, and even global logistics are all part of the experience.

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